Driving is Electrifying

Outer Banks NC

I was having some new lights installed in my garage the other day  by a guy who just happens to be the best electrician Birmingham AL has ever known. I’ve been needing to do this for quite some time so I can actually see all of my cars when I’m working on them.  Anyway, the electrician mentioned to me that he had just returned from a family vacation along the coast of North Carolina.  Known as the Outer Banks, this area of our country is spotted with beautiful lighthouses, sand dunes, small seaside towns, and a wealth of history.  I decided this would be a great destination to take my next road trip.

I picked the best car for a leisurely road trip along the flat coastal highway. I took my 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.  It has an awesome blue paint finish that reminds me of the immense Atlantic Ocean, so I thought that would be appropriate to cruise in along the narrow barrier islands of North Carolina. 

I drove to the small town of Corolla to begin my adventure on NC Highway 12.  I pulled the top back on the Mustang convertible, picked up a nice cup of Pepsi (which is the soft drink that was created in NC), tuned my radio to the local station, and drove over to the Corolla Lighthouse, which is known as the Currituck Beach Light.  This is a remarkable-looking lighthouse that is constructed entirely of red bricks.  In fact, I learned that is  made up of one million bricks to be exact.       

After spending some time meandering around the Currituck Light, I drove south to the Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills area.  This is where I was able to explore the Wright Brothers National Memorial.  It was really amazing to see where the first flight occurred along the sandy shores of that area. 

I found that the sun was a bit uncomfortable once the day progressed and the sun was at its peak.  I parked my Mustang in the shade of a large Maritime Oak tree and took a short nap before heading to my last stop of the day.

Ah, on my way to the last stop of the day, the road came to an end and I drove my Mustang aboard a NC ferry that would carry me across the sound to Ocracoke Island.  Ocracoke is known as the final resting place for the infamous English pirate, Blackbeard. According to legend, he was captured and killed on Ocracoke in November of 1718. 

I parked in front of the local inn just shortly before sunset.  I had a sublime view of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Pamlico Sound on the other side.  It was a breathtaking moment as a peacefulness loomed over me during this twilight time of night.  It had been a wonderful day.  I had a great drive in my favored Mustang, beautiful scenery to embrace, and no obstacles in my way as I savored my drive through the Outer Banks.  Needless to say, I slept very well that evening!

After breakfast the next morning, I climbed into my Mustang and set out for more adventures!  I checked out the Ocracoke Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse still in operation throughout the state of North Carolina.  I took some time to do a little fishing while waiting for the NC ferry again.  It was time to leave Ocracoke and continue driving south.  I was going to reach Morehead City by the end of the day, and I still had lots of sights to see. 

There just are not enough words that can explain the peace and fulfillment I have when I’m out exploring new parts of our country, especially in the luxury of one of my favorite cars!  The hum of the engine, the warmth of the sun, and the open road clear my mind of all of my troubles.  I always feel so electrified behind the wheel!

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