Grab the Keys and Head to the Keys!

Alfa Romeo Spider

I am so excited about this trip to the Florida Keys, just in time for a break from the bleak winter we’ve had recently.  I can’t wait to get far enough south, where it will be warm enough to put the top down on my classic 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider.  I have spent the morning washing the sleek red paint and waxing the surface of my beautiful car.  It shines like brand new glass.  I think it’s time to go.

I have always wanted to take my beloved convertible on a trip to the Florida Keys.  I plan to take my time leisurely, once I begin on Highway 1, which is just south of Florida City.  Highway 1 is the road to take all the way to the very tip of Key West, and Key West is as far south as you can go, in that part of the United States.  This drive could take as little as a half of a day’s time, but I plan to make a full day of it.  I plan to eat Key Lime Pie for dessert, once I arrive in Key West in the evening.

On the way from Florida City to Key West, I plan to stop and sightsee at several different interesting spots.  My first stop will be Key Largo, which is the largest city along the Florida Keys.  This will be a nice place to scoop up information about sights along the Keys.  Also, I plan to have breakfast in Key Largo and check over all the systems of my red Spider.  It’s very important to keep the car in top notch operation mode.  If I ever need to replace some part for this classic beauty, it can be a difficult process to find the right piece, especially in remote areas. 

After leaving Key Largo, I plan to stop just a little further south at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.  I stopped there many years ago and liked it so much, I have to stop again.  This is a great place to go snorkeling.  The water is amazingly clear and pristine.  One interesting feature about the State Park is that in their snorkeling area, they have an 8.5-foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ that is about 25 feet under water.  The statue sits on the ocean floor and His arms are held up towards the surface of the water.  Various marine life is

swimming all around the statue as the snorkelers and scuba divers float around, too.  It is truly an unforgettable sight, and I can’t wait to see it again.

I will continue on as I bask in the sun, while cruising in my convertible.  Oh, I can feel the warmth on my skin just with the thoughts in my mind!  I plan on making stops in Islamorada and Marathon also on my tour of the Florida Keys.  It will be my leisure day of driving in my classic car on the classic Keys’ highway.  This will be the best way to begin my wintertime adventure!

Ross Dean

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