A Trip of a Lifetime

across the usa

I had always wanted to drive across our entire beautiful country, and last year I made it happen!   I began the trip in Wilmington, North Carolina and spanned the whole country along Interstate 40.  I visited some amazing places and met some fascinating people along the way.  On this road trip, I decided to take my most comfortable car, my Mercedes-Benz S550 Sedan.  That was a splendid choice!

I purchased my Mercedes-Benz S550 because I wanted something that was smooth, luxurious, full-sized, and had a beast of an engine.  This beautiful turbocharged, V8 engine was so worth the $100,000.00 price tag.  After this cross-country holiday, I feel like I definitely spent my money wisely when I bought this awesome machine.

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Driving is Electrifying

Outer Banks NC

I was having some new lights installed in my garage the other day  by a guy who just happens to be the best electrician Birmingham AL has ever known. I’ve been needing to do this for quite some time so I can actually see all of my cars when I’m working on them.  Anyway, the electrician mentioned to me that he had just returned from a family vacation along the coast of North Carolina.  Known as the Outer Banks, this area of our country is spotted with beautiful lighthouses, sand dunes, small seaside towns, and a wealth of history.  I decided this would be a great destination to take my next road trip.

I picked the best car for a leisurely road trip along the flat coastal highway. I took my 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.  It has an awesome blue paint finish that reminds me of the immense Atlantic Ocean, so I thought that would be appropriate to cruise in along the narrow barrier islands of North Carolina. 

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The Tail of the Dragon

tail of the dragon

I have been thinking about this drive ever since my granddad first let me drive his car when I was 8 years old.  The car he let me “chauffeur” him in was a very old Cadillac.  That is an old memory now from the Porsche 911 GTS that I took on The Tail of the Dragon.

If you are unfamiliar with The Tail of the Dragon, it is known as America’s absolute best road for motorcycles and sports cars.  It is also known as US Highway 129 and is located between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest between the beautiful states of North Carolina and Tennessee.  The road stretches across 11 miles, but it contains 318 curves.  The curves can be very dangerous, if not approached with caution.  Thousands of sports car owners and motorcyclists brave this incredible road every year. 

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Grab the Keys and Head to the Keys!

Alfa Romeo Spider

I am so excited about this trip to the Florida Keys, just in time for a break from the bleak winter we’ve had recently.  I can’t wait to get far enough south, where it will be warm enough to put the top down on my classic 1969 Alfa Romeo Spider.  I have spent the morning washing the sleek red paint and waxing the surface of my beautiful car.  It shines like brand new glass.  I think it’s time to go.

I have always wanted to take my beloved convertible on a trip to the Florida Keys.  I plan to take my time leisurely, once I begin on Highway 1, which is just south of Florida City.  Highway 1 is the road to take all the way to the very tip of Key West, and Key West is as far south as you can go, in that part of the United States.  This drive could take as little as a half of a day’s time, but I plan to make a full day of it.  I plan to eat Key Lime Pie for dessert, once I arrive in Key West in the evening.

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Buckle Up!


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